Monday, November 30, 2009

Therbs v Frog


  1. I'll have $10 on Froggy.

    Floats like a Tadpole. Stings like a scorpion.

    Froggy swings with his left, Froggy swings with his right,
    Look at young Froggy carry the fight
    Therbs keeps backing, but there's not enough room,
    It's a matter of time till Froggy lowers the boom.
    Now Froggy lands with a right...

  2. I wager 50 quatros on the newcomer.

  3. Is it on the undercard for Green v Jones Jnr?

  4. Yeah, I've a spare $10. Put it on the rangy green amphibian.

  5. Fkn feral frog! So all things green win in the squared circle? That green wannabe facing up to my fist didn't even have a beer. Naut 'n I polished off several jugs as the sun set on Windies cricket. I did notice however the green devil taking a keen interest in the Lovables undies ad featuring Jennifer Hawkins. The ad is on frequent replay in that particular pub.